Video: Fireside Chat with Ken Blanco

Relive our 2018 conversation with the Director of FinCEN


David Schwartz

President & CEO

Published on February 12, 2019

At last year’s FIBA AML Compliance Conference, I had the distinct opportunity to sit down with Kenneth A. Blanco in what was his first public appearance as the newly appointed Director of FinCEN. Mr. Blanco joined us in Miami to discuss his views on the role of FinCEN and current issues facing the financial services industry in the area of AML.

Our “fireside chat” touched on everything from information sharing to the new CDD Rule to technological innovation. I was able to glean two consistent themes from Mr. Blanco’s responses: “we’re all in this together,” and “partnership”—key themes of the 2018 Conference. A thought he consistently emphasized throughout our conversation was that we all have responsibilities and need to be held to those responsibilities. These include the responsibilities to keep the financial sector clean and safe, protect this country and protect our families.

Watch our discussion at #FIBAAML18 in it's entirety below:


Fireside Chat with Kenneth A. Blanco