About Fiba

The Florida International Bankers Association Inc. (FIBA), is a non-profit trade association founded in 1979. Its membership includes some of the largest financial institutions in the world. This includes more than 70 foreign and domestic banks. In addition to major banks from Europe, the US and Latin America who are active in international trade and finance in our hemisphere. The primary focus of FIBA members is Latin America trade finance, international correspondent banking and international wealth management/private banking services for non-residents. These activities help facilitate North-South trade and capital flows FIBA provides specialized AML certification and training to industry practitioners. Regularly scheduled FIBA meetings provide a continuing source of the latest and best industry expertise and practical information. FIBA works closely with FELABAN, the Federation of Latin American Banks, which represents over 600 financial institutions throughout Latin America, hosting their prestigious FELABAN Annual Assembly in Miami every other year. This event brings nearly 2,000 people to Miami to conduct business over three days of intensive meetings. As a leading trade organization focused on international banking and finance, FIBA frequently meets with regulators in Washington, submits comment letters and position papers, and is a respected voice in the industry.