Daniel Valdes.

Daniel Valdes.

Head of Financial Crimes Compliance

BankUnited, N.A.

Daniel Valdés is a leader and innovator in AML compliance and risk management.  He has led several notable transformations in compliance culture with an emphasis on removing the “us vs. them” mentality to improve organization-wide mindset on compliance processes and procedures. He is Head of Financial Crimes Compliance at BankUnited in Miami, FL.

Prior to his roles at BankUnited, Daniel served as Senior Vice President, Global AML Advisory at Citigroup, guiding senior management throughout the Global International Personal Banking (IPB) organization. Under his leadership, Citigroup launched a comprehensive AML training program to optimize team understanding of AML policies and regulations. His efforts improved customer onboarding, AML investigations, training, new product assessments, and regulatory developments across Latin America, Europe, and APAC markets.

Daniel’s ongoing contributions to the financial services industry include: driving the future of banking by challenging the status quo; rethinking the “second-line” functions of compliance as strategic partners with the other internal departments of the bank; and cultivating a solutions-driven, risk management culture of pro-active decision-making.

Sesión General 2: Mesa Redonda de CCO

Grand Ballroom

Los directores de cumplimiento (CCO, por sus siglas en inglés) de la industria de servicios financieros hablan sobre sus mayores desafíos en la lucha contra el lavado de dinero y el financiamiento del terrorismo, así como las tendencias emergentes a las que se enfrenta la industria.