Julio Carbonell

Julio Carbonell

CEO & General Manager


Julio Carbonell is the General Manager of FACEBANK International Corp. in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Director of its wholly owned subsidiary, Florida Home Trust Mortgage Inc. in Weston, Florida. Mr. Carbonell has been instrumental in creating a horizontal delivery customer service platform which caters to foreign nationals, whether abroad or while visiting. In addition, Mr. Carbonell has implemented the “Business Development Facilitator” model, a Banking Agent program, by which the institution transfers its fixed cost branch structure to vetted independent contractors. Mr. Carbonell was recently featured by Hispanic Executive Magazine, Latin Finance and other related publications. 

Mr. Julio Carbonell (BSBA Marketing and Finance) has more than 20 years of experience in the banking Industry. He started his career at Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) in the Financial Services consulting practice. Before joining FACEBANK, he held several positions in different banks in the USA and Latin America such as, President, Chief Financial Officer and Risk Management Officer. He is founding member of Florida Home Trust and Facebank. Mr. Carbonell is in charge of the Institution Management and also a member of all the committees.

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