Marta Alfonso.

Marta Alfonso.

Marta Alfonso, CPA*/ABV/CFF/CGMA, CIRA, JD is a principal in the Litigation and Valuation Division at MBAF. With a strong background in litigation consulting, forensic accounting, insolvency and bankruptcy, turnarounds, and financial management, Marta offers extensive financial experience and a deep understanding of critical financial litigation issues. Trained as both an accountant and an attorney, she has worked in a range of consulting and in-house corporate roles since 1983.

Marta’s financial consulting experience in litigation support, economic damages, forensic accounting, bankruptcy and insolvency, and valuation issues includes roles as an expert and a litigation consultant. She has provided expert consultation and testimony in cases relating to bankruptcy and insolvency, criminal RICO, domestic and international money laundering, embezzlement, shareholder disputes, valuation, accounting malpractice, economic damages, and marital dissolution. She has provided litigation support services in similar financial litigation matters as her expert testimony experience, including securities fraud and bank fraud cases. Marta has experience with collaborative family law practice working with clients and attorneys during separation and divorce proceedings, using alternate dispute resolutions and a cooperative out-of-court approach, with the goal of finding a positive solution in a resultsfocused setting.

Marta also has strong experience in the anti- money laundering area, as a state court receiver for a money transmission company and in bank secrecy act compliance projects for financial institutions. Her experience with bankruptcy, receivership and restructuring issues includes years of service in accounting and consulting positions. She has served as the chief restructuring officer of a healthcare service organization, a federal court receiver for multi-million dollar companies, and as a consultant on federal bankruptcy cases. With expertise in both management and technology, she has served as the interim chief information officer for a large consumer transportation company, and has provided financial and operational support, technology consulting, and regulatory compliance consulting to both forprofit and non-profit organizations.

Along with her private sector work, Marta also was the Director of the Office of Asset and Credit Management and the Interim Comptroller for the Federal Housing Administration at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In these positions, she evaluated and developed financial accounting systems and programs, while overseeing financial management functions.

Marta’s expertise in merger and acquisition services consists of assisting sell-side engagements with preparing due diligence information, identifying deal issues, carving out financial statements of divisions or assets being sold, participating in pre-sale due diligence, and assisting in bid evaluation. She has also performed buy-side engagements assisting buyers with analyzing the quality of earnings and net assets, identifying transaction issues, and synergy risks.