Valerie Farabee

Valerie Farabee

Director, Operational Research & Analysis

Liberty Shared

Ms Farabee joined Liberty Shared in January 2017 to head the development of information products within the Operational Research & Analysis programme (ORA).  As Director of the ORA programme, Ms Farabee develops, initiates, and manages intelligence from various sources, collating and developing research designed specifically to inform the financial services sector under the international anti money laundering (AML) framework, to assist in proactively identifying individuals, entities, and networks that are financially benefiting from human and / or wildlife trafficking.  The information products developed are also shared with various law enforcement and government entities, with whom she manages the relationship and distribution of information.

Prior to this, Ms Farabee was Head of the Trafficking Specialist Unit for Thomson Reuters World-Check – specializing in building out large trafficking networks, trafficking network research, and case development.  Her expertise includes human, organ, wildlife, and artifact trafficking networks in Asia and South Africa.

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