Janelle Bernard

Janelle Bernard

Senior Manager - Overseas Operations

Republic Bank Limited

Broad legal, governance and compliance risk management experience in the Caribbean, South America (Guyana, Suriname), Sub Saharan Africa (Ghana) mainly in the financial services industry. Key areas of experience: Compliance, Enterprise Risk, Cross-functional /Senior Team Leadership, Project Management, Corporate/Commercial Law, Banking Law, Contract Negotiations, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance, Corporate Governance, Industrial Relations.  
Currently listed among the Financial Action Task Force primary private sector experts in Trinidad and Tobago. 
Senior Manager at one of the largest and most successful banking Groups in the Caribbean. Reported to the Group Board of Directors and Executive Director on compliance matters.

BREAKOUT: Caribbean Roundtable


Life after the FATF evaluations – Officials from the Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Antigua & Barbuda discuss how the 4th Round of evaluations have impacted their countries.

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WORKSHOP: Positioning an AML Program for Success with Correspondent Banks

Grand Ballroom

De-risking continues to plague banks in Latin America and the Caribbean with many being one correspondent away from being shut out of the U.S. financial system. We will here from both correspondent and respondent banks on the challenges and keys to success in establishing and maintaining a correspondent relationship.

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