Yovanis Gonzalez

Yovanis Gonzalez

Senior Anti-Money Laundering Specialist


Yovanis Gonzalez is a Risk Management Examiner in the FDIC Sunrise, FL office. Yovanis has over 10 years of regulatory experience both with the OCC and the FDIC. Yovanis has participated and been in charge of multiple large complex financial institutions in the South Florida market with significant international and Commercial Real Estate exposure. Yovanis is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the fields of Accounting and Loss Share Agreements. Yovanis holds an undergraduate and a Master’s Degree of Accounting from Florida International University.

Breakout Session 2C: Ask the Examiners


We have assembled a panel of examiners from the various regulatory agencies to share with us their “ground floor” view of the current issues and challenges that arise in the examination process.